Waiakea Bottled Water Shows What a Business Can Do

A cup of tea or coffee every morning, a shower, washing your clothes or washing dishes. All of these things have one element in common. They all use water. People even buy drinking water because in some parts the tap water is not very safe for drinking.

Buying a bottle of water may not seem like a luxury, so is it important what kind of water you buy? The answer is yes. People are not always aware of where their bottled water comes from, but as one company from Hawaii proves, it is important to ask.

Business Growth and Ethics

Waiakea Bottled Water was recently recognized by the Inc. 5000 list because of their impressive business growth. It shot up by more than 1059 percent during the period between 2014 and 2016, but since then the growth is gone up even more.

Their success is recognized by the business allies and their competitors since they are the first volcanic water company to be invited to join the elite club of Inc. 5000. It means being on the same list as Microsoft.

Their success is based on several things, but the most important aspect is their business practice. They have a work ethic and moral standing that all employees follow. Waiakea Bottled Water uses modern technology and researches new innovative possibilities for sourcing water, more eco-friendly packaging and encouraging the customers to recycle more.

Modern Consumer Supports Giving Back

This approach appeals to the modern consumer because people today are more aware of their surroundings and they want to be animal cruelty-free, eco-friendly and knowledgeable. Recycling is becoming more popular as well, so Waiakea Bottled Water encourages it.

When they started in 2012, they were the only volcanic water company in existence. The popularity of the water surprised the company, so they promised to give back. And now they work to help those people who don’t have a reliable source of clean water.

If a person buys a liter of Waiakea Bottled Water, the company donates 650 liters to help end the water accessibility issues in Africa. They also work on installing wells and pumps in places where the water sources are otherwise contaminated.

People are ready to buy Waiakea Bottled Water precisely because they want the water to reach individuals who don’t otherwise have any.

Meet Roberto Santiago; the Smart Cookie behind the Manaira Shopping Mall

Over the recent past, Brazil has been categorized among the ‘must-visit’ countries across the world. From the sandy beaches to the welcoming environment, Brazil has always remained a destination to reckon due to the marvelous experience encountered in the beautiful country. With all said and done, little is yet to be put into the light about the great minds behind the ‘new Brazil’.


For those lucky enough to have visited the northeastern Brazil, they probably have come across Roberto Santiago or his accomplishments. In Paraiba, Roberto Santiago is one respected entrepreneur. His efforts and determination towards transforming Brazil surpass that of many entrepreneurs. Roberto is known for launching and managing the iconic Manaira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa in downtown.


Since an early age, Roberto possessed a character of a go-getter. His determination and passion always forced him to seek new and exciting things to pursue, an undertaking that placed him way beyond an ordinal kid. Roberto was active in school and always scooped excellent results. The successful entrepreneur attended the Pio Marist College where he earned his degree. However, the degree did not seem to satisfy Roberto’s yearning for education. The successful business person later joined the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration.


By digging shallowly into Roberto’s history, you will understand that most of his life has been professional. However, in real life, Roberto Santiago enjoys the active life and having fun. In fact, the idea behind Manaira Shopping Mall was to bring joy to his people. The mall has an iconic skittle alley where Santiago often plays. Today, Manaira Shopping Mall is ranked as the biggest in Paraiba, Brazil. Santiago’s venture has the standards of an international mall, with even a regular school and a bank and can host up to 4000 persons.


For the movie fanatics, the Manaira Shopping Mall is the joint to visit. The mall has three theatres equipped with 3D tech that provides a filming experience of a kind. Movie lovers get to enjoy amazing movies while gulping cups beverages offered. Today, the mall also has various restaurants offering international cuisines besides the Domus Hall and bars for those willing to experience excellent entertainment.


Roberto Santiago’s journey in business did not begin with the launching of Manaira Shopping Mall. At a very young age, the successful entrepreneur had launched his own company. The smart entrepreneur had established a cartonnage venture that designed and produced cardboards to be sold to other businesses. Today, Santiago is not only known as an entrepreneur, but his record makes him a public figure. The successful entrepreneur is also the owner of the famous Mangabeira Shopping Mall, and with this ventures, Paraiba is slowly emerging as the best recreation place.

Logan Stout’s Inspiring Career In The Health And Fitness Sector

Logan Stout is a well-established entrepreneur who is currently recognized as being the CEO of IDLife. He has been the founder of various successful businesses that deal with health and wellness. Stout formerly played professional baseball and had an opportunity to be featured in more than 17 World Series games. He has always been willing to offer health products to people, and this encouraged him to establish IDLife. The firm has been operational since May 2014, and its products are sold through multi-level marketing techniques. Logan has been successful in most of his ventures due to his remarkable business and leadership skills.

Logan Stout grew up in Richardson, Texas and is an alumnus of Pearce High School. He was offered an opportunity to be part of the Student Athletic Council during his high school days. Logan is a holder of a business degree from Panola. He also attended the University of Dallas and graduated with a psychology degree. After completing his education, the entrepreneur joined professional baseball and had an opportunity of being a coach and player.

The businessman has always been committed to taking part in mentorship programs that aim at assisting young people to improve their talents. His passion for supporting the youths motivated him to establish Dallas Patriots, which is among the United States’ top baseball institutions. It has been striving to motivate and coach baseball players. Dallas Patriots are focused on offering services such as baseball clinics, personalized classes, and personalized camps.

IDLife has majored in the manufacture and supply of a variety of top-notch products that include shakes, weight management pills, and sleep strips. The firm has been striving to provide its clients with customized products that can address their specific problems. Its multi-level marketing plan has enabled it to be highly successful. The company currently has a significant market in the vitamins and supplements sector.

Logan motivates many people through his excellent leadership skills. He is the author of a book that known as “The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams.” Stout launched the book in 2013, and it managed to be recognized as a bestseller. He has been to various countries to inspire young people.

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A look at the Damac Properties CEO Hussain Sajwani

When the Dubai government allowed foreigners to have and own properties in the Arab Emirates, Hussain Sajwani seized the moment. He founded a residential real estate company known as Damac Properties in the year 2002. He made a discovery that most apartment buyers were non-Emirates. He wanted to have customers from all walks of life. He, therefore, opted to start with a food services investment which turned out very successful and indeed attracted people from all over the world. Hussain Sajwani later bought land in an area that was not well developed. He erected a 38-story residential building. Within six short months, he sold it. This was the beginning of the perfect role that Hussain has played in painting a lasting image on Dubai to investors across the world.


Damac Properties is characterized by very luxurious apartments and glamorous property developments. The headquarters of the company are located in Dubai despite the fact that it develops commercial, residential and leisure properties in the entire Middle East. Damac gained a lot of popularity when it worked for Donald Trump in the construction of the Trump International Golf Club. It was also selected to work in Somalia, Bosnia as well as the Americans in the Gulf. The Damac owner hopes to continue developing the working relationship with the Trump’s real estate company with an eye on coming up with even more developments.


Hussain Sajwani does not only possess business excellence. He is a graduate of the University of Washington from where he earned his bachelors of arts. Through the Hussain Sajwani Family Foundation and Damac Properties, he has extended his benevolence to various people. More than a million less privileged children have been clothed. He also donated to the UAE Red Crescent which supported refugees from Jordan and Lebanon. Through the family foundation, Hussain Sajwani has given $1 million to aid in the construction of an Autism Center in Dubai. Many young people, especially in the real estate industry, look up to him in admiration. He does not let success hinder him from learning since he believes that acquiring new skills helps one to stay equipped for future eventualities. Mr. Sajwani is present on social media.

Travelling Destinations That Are Eco-Friendly

Wild Ark is an organization founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson came up and formed a team. The team was ideally over the negative impacts implicated on wild places on earth, hence sought to make a difference by coming up with ways to prevent this disaster. They are essentially committed to train and educate interested individuals about nature and the wild in order to ensure future generations get to protect the planet. Wild Ark’s initiative is securing the green belt regions on earth, hence protecting the rich biodiversity sections of earth. The group also creates researches and experience opportunities for individuals willing to reconnect with mother-nature while also getting the essential inspiration required to protect it. Wild Ark’s vison is ideally to protect the wild places around the entire globe. Learn more: http://wildark.com/blog/mark-hutchinson-for-the-wild/

Some of the eco-friendly destinations meeting Wild Ark’s attributes are The Republic of Palau, Costa Rica, Lithuania and Kenya. As a small country, Palau is compiled of over 500 islands with its location at the Pacific Ocean between Guam and Philippines. This country has appealing natural environments which are minimally influenced by humans. Costa Rica is another destination which is a clear tropical getaway recognized by many tourists with its vast national parks, lush rainforests and natural reserves. Lithuania also has natural and beautiful environments which see to it as an appealing tourist destination. The country has taken the initiative of embracing U.N.’s sustainable development goals over conserving the green tourism industry. Kenya’s savannahs harbor some of the most majestic wild animals in the world with a breath-taking surrounding. The beautiful coastal beaches allow glorious coastal reefs to set in. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/mark-hutchinson/

Considering the mode of transport to the destination areas is an essential factor while also considering the sustainability. Transportation will be beneficial while moving from one point to the other effectively. Ideally, learning about these new eco-friendly environments ensures that individuals get to understand how to go about their destination zones. As a team, Wild Ark seeks to ensure that we visit these destinations and educate individuals on the importance of the natural environment. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/wildarkglobal/posts/538048479728461