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Travelling Destinations That Are Eco-Friendly

Wild Ark is an organization founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson came up and formed a team. The team was ideally over the negative impacts implicated on wild places on earth, hence sought to make a difference by coming up with ways to prevent this disaster. They are essentially committed to train and educate interested individuals about nature and the wild in order to ensure future generations get to protect the planet. Wild Ark’s initiative is securing the green belt regions on earth, hence protecting the rich biodiversity sections of earth. The group also creates researches and experience opportunities for individuals willing to reconnect with mother-nature while also getting the essential inspiration required to protect it. Wild Ark’s vison is ideally to protect the wild places around the entire globe. Learn more:

Some of the eco-friendly destinations meeting Wild Ark’s attributes are The Republic of Palau, Costa Rica, Lithuania and Kenya. As a small country, Palau is compiled of over 500 islands with its location at the Pacific Ocean between Guam and Philippines. This country has appealing natural environments which are minimally influenced by humans. Costa Rica is another destination which is a clear tropical getaway recognized by many tourists with its vast national parks, lush rainforests and natural reserves. Lithuania also has natural and beautiful environments which see to it as an appealing tourist destination. The country has taken the initiative of embracing U.N.’s sustainable development goals over conserving the green tourism industry. Kenya’s savannahs harbor some of the most majestic wild animals in the world with a breath-taking surrounding. The beautiful coastal beaches allow glorious coastal reefs to set in. Learn more:

Considering the mode of transport to the destination areas is an essential factor while also considering the sustainability. Transportation will be beneficial while moving from one point to the other effectively. Ideally, learning about these new eco-friendly environments ensures that individuals get to understand how to go about their destination zones. As a team, Wild Ark seeks to ensure that we visit these destinations and educate individuals on the importance of the natural environment. Learn more: