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A look at the Damac Properties CEO Hussain Sajwani

When the Dubai government allowed foreigners to have and own properties in the Arab Emirates, Hussain Sajwani seized the moment. He founded a residential real estate company known as Damac Properties in the year 2002. He made a discovery that most apartment buyers were non-Emirates. He wanted to have customers from all walks of life. He, therefore, opted to start with a food services investment which turned out very successful and indeed attracted people from all over the world. Hussain Sajwani later bought land in an area that was not well developed. He erected a 38-story residential building. Within six short months, he sold it. This was the beginning of the perfect role that Hussain has played in painting a lasting image on Dubai to investors across the world.


Damac Properties is characterized by very luxurious apartments and glamorous property developments. The headquarters of the company are located in Dubai despite the fact that it develops commercial, residential and leisure properties in the entire Middle East. Damac gained a lot of popularity when it worked for Donald Trump in the construction of the Trump International Golf Club. It was also selected to work in Somalia, Bosnia as well as the Americans in the Gulf. The Damac owner hopes to continue developing the working relationship with the Trump’s real estate company with an eye on coming up with even more developments.


Hussain Sajwani does not only possess business excellence. He is a graduate of the University of Washington from where he earned his bachelors of arts. Through the Hussain Sajwani Family Foundation and Damac Properties, he has extended his benevolence to various people. More than a million less privileged children have been clothed. He also donated to the UAE Red Crescent which supported refugees from Jordan and Lebanon. Through the family foundation, Hussain Sajwani has given $1 million to aid in the construction of an Autism Center in Dubai. Many young people, especially in the real estate industry, look up to him in admiration. He does not let success hinder him from learning since he believes that acquiring new skills helps one to stay equipped for future eventualities. Mr. Sajwani is present on social media.