Meet Roberto Santiago; the Smart Cookie behind the Manaira Shopping Mall

Over the recent past, Brazil has been categorized among the ‘must-visit’ countries across the world. From the sandy beaches to the welcoming environment, Brazil has always remained a destination to reckon due to the marvelous experience encountered in the beautiful country. With all said and done, little is yet to be put into the light about the great minds behind the ‘new Brazil’.


For those lucky enough to have visited the northeastern Brazil, they probably have come across Roberto Santiago or his accomplishments. In Paraiba, Roberto Santiago is one respected entrepreneur. His efforts and determination towards transforming Brazil surpass that of many entrepreneurs. Roberto is known for launching and managing the iconic Manaira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa in downtown.


Since an early age, Roberto possessed a character of a go-getter. His determination and passion always forced him to seek new and exciting things to pursue, an undertaking that placed him way beyond an ordinal kid. Roberto was active in school and always scooped excellent results. The successful entrepreneur attended the Pio Marist College where he earned his degree. However, the degree did not seem to satisfy Roberto’s yearning for education. The successful business person later joined the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration.


By digging shallowly into Roberto’s history, you will understand that most of his life has been professional. However, in real life, Roberto Santiago enjoys the active life and having fun. In fact, the idea behind Manaira Shopping Mall was to bring joy to his people. The mall has an iconic skittle alley where Santiago often plays. Today, Manaira Shopping Mall is ranked as the biggest in Paraiba, Brazil. Santiago’s venture has the standards of an international mall, with even a regular school and a bank and can host up to 4000 persons.


For the movie fanatics, the Manaira Shopping Mall is the joint to visit. The mall has three theatres equipped with 3D tech that provides a filming experience of a kind. Movie lovers get to enjoy amazing movies while gulping cups beverages offered. Today, the mall also has various restaurants offering international cuisines besides the Domus Hall and bars for those willing to experience excellent entertainment.


Roberto Santiago’s journey in business did not begin with the launching of Manaira Shopping Mall. At a very young age, the successful entrepreneur had launched his own company. The smart entrepreneur had established a cartonnage venture that designed and produced cardboards to be sold to other businesses. Today, Santiago is not only known as an entrepreneur, but his record makes him a public figure. The successful entrepreneur is also the owner of the famous Mangabeira Shopping Mall, and with this ventures, Paraiba is slowly emerging as the best recreation place.