Amnesty International Protecting Individuals Where Justice Fails

Human rights and freedom are fundamental to every individual in any part of the world. However true this is, most people, more so those from marginalized groups or areas, are always denied or have their rights abused very often. It is for this reason that Amnesty International was formed. Amnesty International’s journey dates way back in 1961 after two Portuguese…

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Business Expert, Real Estate

Samuel Strauch: Investing In Panama

Samuel Strauch is the president of one of the fastest rising real estate developers in Miami, the Affinity International Realty. He has a lot of projects in store for the city of Panama, and he is positive that investing in the country’s capital city will yield positive results . According to Samuel Strauch, he decided to partake in the surge…

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Company, Health, Insurance

Health insurance redefined: the USHEALTH Advisors

The USHEALTH Advisors is a sister company of the USHEALTH Group. The institution also works very closely with the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The later underwrite health insurance plans and additional products which are later sold to the people. The USHEALTH Advisors deals with small-scale business proprietors, self-employed people, and individuals. The limited liability establishment specializes in Health…

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