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Samuel Strauch: Investing In Panama

Samuel Strauch is the president of one of the fastest rising real estate developers in Miami, the Affinity International Realty. He has a lot of projects in store for the city of Panama, and he is positive that investing in the country’s capital city will yield positive results . According to Samuel Strauch, he decided to partake in the surge of investments that is currently rocking the Central American country like storm. Panama’s demographic shows that the majority of the country is young, thus, it has a viable and strong workforce.

He is also looking at the fact that most Panamanians have become middle class because of strong economic growth, giving them more purchasing power. Building condominiums, offices and shopping centers is the primary objectice of Samuel Strauch, and he believes that most Panamanians will be able to afford such properties. He feels excited in turning his projects into reality, and he is encouraging everyone in Panama to purchase their new homes for permanent housing or just for the holidays.


Samuel Strauch carefully analyzed all of the factors that are present in the change that Panama is experiencing at the moment. The executive stated that the country’s future is bright, and it shows a potential in different industries and markets. The country is currently undergoing a miraculous economic boom, and there is a strong recovery happening at the moment. He happily expressed that the real estate market is one of the markets which benefits from this change.

Samuel Strauch added that most of the expatriates living in Panama are Americans, and they require facilities such as offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants and entertainment centers. The country has a low cost of living, and it even attracts expatriates from other Latin American countries like Mexico and Venezuela. He added that a $4000 pension per month is more than enough to live a very comfortable life, and he is encouraging other Americans to invest in the country. According to Samuel Strauch, the Panamanian government is giving out incentives to those who wanted to immigrate to the country. For as low as $200,000, one can even become a citizen. People from Europe and Canada usually visit the country for the holidays, but once they found out how awesome it is to live in the country, they chose to stay and become one of their citizens. People have been falling in love with thr country’s charm, says Samuel Strauch.

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