How Kate Hudson Has Helped Fabletics

Why should you incorporate online reviews into your marketing strategy? If you look at Fabletics, and if you have a discerning eye, you will notice their tens of thousands of online reviews. The fact remains that online reviews will boost your revenue and your bottom line.


The fact also remains that as more and more people become more connected to the internet, more and more people are searching for reviews online. Now is not the time to push off incorporating online reviews into your marketing strategy. Dozens of studies on the topic have found that online reviews do a lot for your business. Other studies have found that people are searching for online review very often and that the rate of these searches is only increasing every day and every year.


The fact is that there are so many ways to incorporate online reviews into your marketing strategy and your sales process. To start, you can incorporate online reviews into your sales pages and landing pages. This will surely increase your conversion rates. There is no doubt that by simply including testimonials on your online sales pages, your conversion rates and your sales will increase. This has been proven by studies that were done on the topic.


At any rate, there is no reason not to get online reviews. Besides incorporating online reviews and testimonials on your own sales pages and websites, you should encourage customers to leave online reviews on third party websites. This would include review sites such as Yelp and Apple Maps, and sites where you can have profiles, such as Facebook.


Of course, you should also try to get positive reviews for each and every product that you sell. This means that if you have a product on Amazon or eBay, you should encourage customers, perhaps through a friendly email, to follow up and leave a nice review if they are happy with their purchase.


Kate Hudson is one of the people who have been working hard to make sure that Fabletics is successful. She is a well known actor who apparently is a genius when it comes to fashion and marketing. Kate Hudson was asked to join the Fabletics team right at the start. They knew she had the personality to help them out. They knew that she could help them.


Kate Hudson has done a lot to help support Fabletics. She models for them and endorses their products. Having a famous actress endorse their products has done a lot to help them. She is also involved in the managing aspects of the business. For example, she helps with marketing. She helps them come up with great designs for their clothing. She has made sure that they place a large emphasis on customer support and satisfaction. That is one reason they have become so popular. In fact, she is the cause of them getting a great rating with the Better Business Bureau. Fabletics has an awesome quiz you should take.

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