How Eric Lefkofsky Keeps Innovating Brands Across All the Sectors

Eric Lefkofsky is known in many quarters as the entrepreneur with a unique approach to business. He always aims at creating disruptive brands that go on to take over the industries in which they operate. Eric Lefkofsky together with his friend and business partner Brad Keywellhave been on the forefront as some of the most committed entrepreneurs of the internet age. The two have been the source of numerous startups, and some like Groupon have grown to become publicly traded entities. According to Forbes, Eric is worth a cumulative $1.7 billion,

Eric was born 47 years ago in Michigan. He went through Southfield-Lathrup High School and qualified to join the University of Michigan. In the year 1993, he acquired a new academic feat by being crowned with the honors of Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School and read full article.

His entrepreneurial acumen was shaped from the college days at Michigan; He began by selling carpets to earn an extra coin. Later on, he started Starbelly an internet-based startup that offered promotional solutions to products. Over time he created several other startups which gave him the firsthand experience in growing enterprises.

Eric Lefkofsky’s newest innovation is called Tempus. This startup aims at leveraging big data in the medical industry to help innovate new age therapies for treating diseases such as cancer that are more efficient and personalized and Eric of Twitter.

It is appalling that in as much as many are affected by Cancer; there exists limited genotypic, therapeutic and phenotypic data for patients who are dealing with the disease. Cancer manifests itself in the body of patients in so many different ways. Through Tempus and its strategic partnership with the University of Chicago’s medical department, Eric Lefkofsky hopes to breathe a new life to the journey towards a more efficient cure for cancer.

Over a period of one year, Tempus will avail data from 1,000 breast cancer patients to the medical experts at the University of Chicago. This data will contain the genomic sequencing and phenotypic information of patients who are battling breast cancer. The main aim of this report is to provide insights into the effectiveness of various therapies in different patients. Findings from this research will inform the modern day treatments that are given to cancer patients.

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